Updated January 15, 2019




   Check back often. I have a wait list for my next litters. Please fill out our questionnaire and tell us as much about you, your family and pets as you can! Feel free to call as well 803-257-1903.

Taking inquiries for next litters.   Mamas to be are Dollvilla Chloe of Sal-Shire, Sal-Shire Blues Sister, and Chiffondolls Chelsea of Sal-Shire

Located within easy driving distance in the Southeast, we have occasional litters of CFA and TICA registered Ragdolls! Our goal in breeding is to continue striving for type, fabulous temperament and health! We enjoy showing both in CFA and TICA. We enjoy meeting and socializing with other people that love cats and love to educate the public about our breed.

There was never a time in my life that I did not have cats, or rather, cats had me. In my late twenties, I established a small cattery to raise and show Himalayans. At that time, I had heard about Ragdoll cats and found them fascinating and absolutely adorable. However, I wanted to raise cats and go to the shows and back then, it was not possible to show Ragdolls and their cost was prohibitive!. After a few years of successfully showing the Himalyans, I put my hobby on the back burner to raise children and start my career. Now, 30 years later, after having lost my two pet rescue barn cats at age 18 in 2011, I thought, “why not?” I researched long and hard until I learned enough about Ragdolls and the breed standard to feel confident in making this leap. My cats are first and foremost my pets and part of my household. They are not caged, and we will never have very many, so the number of kittens I have will be limited to one or two litters a year.

Ragdolls have a fabulous personality, almost dog-like,  and we enjoy them so much! Different in so many ways from other cats we have had. We have had a great time at the shows these past three show seasons. I have to thank Bordeaux LTD Ragdolls for my first “show baby”, Sassafras, who earned her CFA Grand Championship at the age of 9 months, and was the second Best of Breed Ragdoll in the CFA’s Southern Region 2011-2012. I would also like to thank other Ragdoll breeders that we have made friends with and shared ideas with. I have a lovely girl from Chiffondolls and a lovely girl from Raggymay. Hopefully both will be mothers before long!

If you are interested in making a Ragdoll part of your family, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Tell me about yourself, your family and why you would like to have a Ragdoll. If you are interested in participating in cat shows, with a show quality neutered or spayed cat, this is a fabulous way to meet other people and make new friends that love cats and enjoy showing off their beautiful cats. From time to time I have show quality cats that go home as pets but can be shown in this division. Feel free to email me with any questions about that. Both CFA and TICA have mentor programs for people just starting out in the show scene so you can also visit their websites and read about their programs.

If you determine that you either cannot wait for a Ragdoll, or cannot afford one, please consider Rescue. Often this site has rescue Ragdolls and Ragdoll mixes that are there because their owners are having health or family issues. It is most often, not because there is anything wrong with the cat. You can do a state by state search with this organization and have alerts sent to you.



Sallie Dubay