Updated February 21, 2019….

 Ragdoll Kittens

These are our three mothers and mothers to be:

January 24 Chloe delivered four (three boys, 1 girl)

January 30, Sister had six babies ( four boys, two girls)

Unfortunately, Chelsea was only carrying one baby, she went over her due date, and it was stillborn. We are very sad over that, but thankful our other ten babies are growing and thriving.

On the good side, Sweet Pea and Jacques have gotten together and will know in three weeks if she is expecting.



The father of Sister and Chloe’s babies  is Catlana Georgio Armani, a beautiful seal mitted boy who came to visit for a little vacation here! Thank you Lauren (Dollvilla) for allowing this boy to be a part of our household. We didn’t really want to send him back. 

Babies shown below, from January-February 2018, have gone home except Sister stayed here!!


All have gone home! Taking inquiries for future litters.

Our page on “Purchasing” has details about our contract.
If you are a breeder, please Contact me regarding potential show quality kittens. Some restrictions may apply.

Photos of Sal-shire previous ragdoll kittens are available on our Past Kittens Page.

 You will need to be on a wait list, and I prefer that you come visit ahead of time if you can.
We can also meet at a show to get to know each other a little bit.

If you are interested in a Sal-Shire Ragdoll kitten, please fill out our form.