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August 11, 2018


Chiffondolls Jacques of Sal-Shire at five months! Thank you Brigitte Jean-Duguay for this handsome boy! 

Ch. Sal-Shire Zipporah  is doing awesome in her new home in Marietta, Georgia. She has been there 6 months and rules the roost!

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Doll Villa Chloe of Sal-Shire

January 22, 2018: Chloe is now a grown up and had her first litter February 11, 2018.  She was the 10th Best Kitten in Ragdoll Fancier’s Club International. She is now a Champion in both TICA and CFA.

Chloe at 4 months!

CFA Grand Premier & TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter Sal-Shire The Boss

2017-2018 Show Season CFA Southern Region, 18th Best Cat in Premiership

CFA Southern region Best Ragdoll Premier

Ragdolls of America Group National Winner: Third Best Ragdoll Premier

Ragdoll Fanciers Club International (RFCI) 2nd Best Ragdoll Alter

SE Region TICA 2018 Best Ragdoll Alter

at 10 months

Below: September 17,2016
TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter and CFA Grand Premier Sal-Shire The Boss

This baby from Chelsea and Riley stayed here……..
Pictured at 6 months

Below: The Boss at home 6 mos

Below: The Boss, 6 months, Sept. 9, 2016 (Judy Pristash snapped a few at home)

Below: Nine months, December 2016, Triple Grand Champion Alter (TICA), CFA Grand Premier

RW QGC  & CFA GP Raggymay Claudette of Sal-Shire

RFCI 2017-2018 3rd Best Ragdoll Alter

CFA Southern Region 2017-2018 2nd Best Ragdoll in Premiership




 Above: Beautiful girl bred by Edie Casey, my only Mitted Ragdoll

CH Chiffondolls Chelsea of Sal-Shire

Seal Point/White Girl

RW QGCA (TICA) and GPR (CFA) Bordeaux LTD Altesse of Sal-Shire (Tess)

RFCI Best Alter 2014-2015

CFA GCH RW & TICA SGC Sal-Shire Maximum Ride

At 1 year, 3 months (Max is a girl, by the way)

Best Ragdoll CFA Championship, Southern region 2013/2014 show season
19th Best Cat All Breed, CFA Southern Region 2013/2014
Third Best Ragdoll CFA Championship (world) 2013/ 2014
RFCI’s 4th Best Ragdoll 2013/2014
RAG’s 2nd Best Ragdoll 2013/2014
Best Ragdoll Kitten Southern Region 2012/2013 Show Season
Third Best Ragdoll Kitten in CFA 2012/2013 Show Season

Below: CFA CH Ritzyrags Riley of Sal-Shire

(Retired, available for adoption-see home page and nursery page)

Blue Point-White male

ABOVE: Riley at 8 months (born April 12, 2014)

Above: CH Ritzyrags Riley of Sal-Shire at 8 months

Above: CH Ritzyrags Riley of Sal-Shire, blue point-white male
pictured at 8 months

Bordeaux LTD Sassafras of Sal-Shire

CFA Grand Champion, Grand Premier
2nd Best Ragdoll Southern Region CFA 2011-2012
2nd Best Seal Point & White Southern Region CFA 2011-2012
2ND Best Seal Point & White Ragdoll CFA National 2011-2012
TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter
Seal Point-White Bi-Color

And “Sassy” (now retired and spayed), taken January 15, 2017 age 5 1/2 years

Sassy’s litter brother, Bordeaux LTD Carroll Shelby, owned by Jim Flanik in Ohio, is CFA’s 14th Best Premier 2012-2013 CFA show season, only the second time a Ragdoll has been in the Top 25 Cats, any category!  Sassy is also the mother of Sal-Shire Maximum Ride “Max”. Sassy made her CFA Grand on May 25 2013 at 10 months, and was also CFA’s Southern Region’s Best Ragdoll Kitten for the 2012-2013 show season and CFA’s 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten.
March 10, 2014 Update: Sassy is also the mother of Grand Premier Doctor Who, owned by Rebecca Vann-West of Augusta, GA. He made his grand in three shows, 2013-2014 season!

“Sassy” has a wonderful Ragdoll personality and loves to “flop” and be petted. She meets us at the door when we arrive (actually, they all do) and wants to follow us everywhere we go. She runs to the door when the doorbell rings and has never met a stranger. At the shows, she prefers to ride to the rings on my shoulders! With babies, she wants everyone to come admire them, but also wants her share of the attention!

CFA GCH RW and TICA SGC Sal-Shire Maximum Ride

At 1 year.
More photos of Max on the At the Show Page and in the nursery section, Past litters Page.

We had to keep her, she is just too sweet….Sassy’s sweet baby was 2012-2013 Southern Region CFA’s Best Ragdoll Kitten!
Max at 6 months

Max at the Birmingham show, Jan 27, 2013  7 months old (photo Judy Pristash)

Bordeaux LTD’s Altesse of Sal-Shire

CFA Champion, CFA GPR
TICA Quad Grand Champion Alter
Seal Point-White Bi-color

 ( Tess is now retired)


Tess at 1 year 2 months, December 2012