Updated January 7, 2021

“My Agreement to Purchase” will differ a little, depending upon whether you are purchasing a kitten for a pet or a show/breeder. Very few breeders/show will be available. The basics will be true in all cases, though. See below:

  • Kittens will be raised as “indoor cats” only, and not allowed outdoors without supervision. Ragdolls are too trusting and friendly by nature and could be easily abused by other animals. Plus, they are so adorable they would likely be “kidnapped!” Your cat will live longer and be much healthier raised indoors!
  • You agree not to declaw your kitten. This is an amputation that can severely handicap your cat and cause them significant pain. They are easily trained to a scratching post and will be used to one before they go home with their new family.
  • You will receive a clean bill of health, current on at least the first two sets of vaccines. My breeders are from  Leukemia and FIV  negative parents. They or their parents will be HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) negative. You will receive a 5 year guarantee against genetic diseases. You will have a two year replacement guarantee should your kitten be lost to FIP. No one can guarantee a cat or kitten would never get FIP per all the recent studies on the disease, but I have had no FIP losses to date.
  • Pet and Show Alter kittens will leave here already spayed or neutered. That cost is part of the purchase price of $1500.00 for a pet, $1800 and up for a Show Alter. Breeder/Show $3500 and up depending on quality. If you want your kitten microchipped during their spay or neuter (highly recommended), an additional $50 is required.
  • We have the right of first refusal, to take the kitten back (at no charge to the breeder) should you be unable to care for it due to illness, allergies, death in the family, or any other unforeseen circumstance. You must  have a contingency plan in place (even put it in your will) regardless of your age, as these cats should live in the neighborhood of 15-+ years. As we approach our later years, this is very important! I see too many cats in shelters because something has happened to their owners, so peace of mind is best! I see this on the Ragdoll Rescue site as well, and it breaks my heart! You should have no problem getting a friend or relative to agree to take care of your baby should something happen to you! But make the plan!
  • Please do not ask me to ship you a cat unattended. There may be opportunities, if you cannot come here, to meet at a show somewhere. I can also recommend a courier that will hand carry the cat on board or hand deliver if within driving distance. United States only, possibly Canada. These associated costs would be the purchaser’s.
  • Once I can reserve a specific kitten for you, a non refundable deposit of $250 is required.

If you are interested in purchasing a kitten, please fill out the form below. Please do not leave any questions unanswered. I normally answer within 24 hours. If I do not, please email me at sallieandstevedubay@comcast.net to see if I got the form. If we are at a cat show, it could take me a little longer to respond properly. But I always answer.

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